The Sussex Blues

Manchester City FC
Winners 2011

Manchester City FC
Winners 2012

The 49 Club


Membership for 2012/2013 available

Cost 1.50 per number per month
You get 2 loyalty points per number purchased

2012-2013 Winners:
August - Terry
September - Clive
October - Uli
November - Richard
December - Rockstar
January - Jason
February - Rockstar
March - Phil
April - Paul Deerans

Next draw - August 31st

May number


Tippo Sefton Paul O Magoo Harry/Fat Tony Jason

Jason Doody/Anna Uli/Minty Jason Uli Gary Magoo

Rockstar Rob Dixon Steve Dove Gats Steve Dove Mark G Paul O/Gats
Steve Dove Tom Tom Harry/Tom Paul D Uli Mark G
Fat Tony Minty/Magoo Terry Sefton Phil Dicky Harry
Rockstar Richard Terry/Slap


Terry Jacquie Andy Mac
Tippo Tippo Trent Caleb Sefton Richard Dave B/Gats