MCFC Sussex Financial Report 2015 - 2016
Item Income Expenditure Profit Loss
Opening balance 1,748.33
Season card 1 368.80 430.00 -61.20
Membership 1,395.00 1,178.00 217.00
Club 49 960.00 460.00 500.00
Ticket Sale Losses 159.00 -159.00
Ticket sale Subsidy 206.00 -206.00
Website 30.00 -30.00
Taxi 6.00 -6.00
AGM Food 10.00 -10.00
Lindsey Weddin 20.00 -20.00
Summary 4,472.13 2,499.00 717.00 -492.20
Operating Profit/Loss 224.80
Closing Balance 1,973.13
Financial Summary
Ticket Sales Caused the largest loss to the Branch, 365, due to significant failure to sell tickets during the close of the season. When Man City have a chance of winning the league these tickets are in high demand. Demand was so low once we were ruled out of the Title chase that the branch had to subsidise prices and could not even sell out of their allocation at the reduced price. Two tickets were ordered for Arsenal, the final match, and the member failed to turn up and pay for the tickets. That member has since left the branch.
Conclusion: Tickets will only be ordered for people who have ordered and paid for them. There will be no speculative purchase for normally high demand games. Last year we only sold United at home tickets by selling them to another branch.
Season ticket 61.20 loss because we failed to sell tickets for 4 matches.
Membership 217 profit despite attending Wembley
Club 49 500 profit because of the extra 10 numbers in the draw not being covered and nobody winning the draw in 5 of the 10 months. Therefore the way the lottery is paid out will be reviewed to implement a system where if there is no payout there will be a rollover. This rule change will be voted on tonight and we will revise number allocation to ensure the Club 49 cannot make losses more than the Branch can afford.