MCFC Sussex Branch Rules 2022/2023


1. Financials

        MCFC Sussex is a branch of the Manchester City Supporters Club (1949).

        Rule changes must be agreed by a majority of attendees at the Annual General Meeting in July of each year.

        It is a 'not for profit' organisation where any funds raised are purely for administration purposes.
        The branch accounts will be published annually at the Annual General Meeting each July.
        This will follow an independant audit of the accounts.

        Funds are to be deposited and paid from the Branch bank account named 'MCFC Sussex'.

2. Membership

i.    To become a member you must first be nominated by a current member of MCFC Sussex.
a. Membership fully commences from the first match that you attend as part of MCFC Sussex.
b. This does not include any matches attended independently.

ii.    There are four types of membership
a. Seasoncard
b. Adult
c. Junior under 16
d. OAP over 64

iii.    Membership period runs from July 1st in the close season to June 30th at the end of the following season.

iv.    Membership is open from July 1st to January 31st only.

v.    Membership prices will be as approved at the AGM. (See for current prices)


3. Tickets

i.    Tickets must be ordered and paid for by the deadline date announced on
a. 6 weeks prior to the fixture for away games
b. 6 weeks prior to all MUFC games
c. 4 weeks prior to home games
d. Special conditions apply to all ‘special matches’ such as Cup Semis, Finals and European away games. See for Europe.

ii.    It is a requirement of Manchester City Football Club, The MCFC Supporters Club and MCFC Sussex that only members specifically named on the ticket order may use the ticket
a. Any tickets not to be used by the named member must be returned to the Branch Secretary
b. Any member found to have passed a ticket onto a non member will have their branch membership cancelled with immediate effect

iii.   Tickets paid for by cheque will attract a £3 surcharge.

iv. Tickets will be purchased using the customer number of the member ordering the ticket if they have one. A member is not permitted to apply for a ticket through the branch and then use the members own number to apply directly to MCFC for another ticket.


4. Loyalty Scheme

i.    Only tickets purchased through the branch will attract ticket loyalty scheme points.

ii.    Gold or Platinum Membership purchases will attract a one off 300 points loyalty bonus.

a. Home matches attended will not attract any loyalty points for Gold or Platinum Season ticket holders

iii.    Loyalty points will be acquired as follows:
a. Attend the AGM – 20 points
b. Attend a home game – 30 points
c. Attend an away game outside of London
20 points
d. Attend an away game within London– 15 points
e. Attend a UEFA home game – 30 points
f. Attend a UEFA away game – 50 points.
g. Attend an EGM – 20 points
h.  Attend summer outing - 20 points

iv.    All attendance criteria apply to Manchester City football matches only

v.    Qualification criteria.  The following applies to the current season of the matches concerned:

a.    To qualify for a European group away match ticket, a member must have attended at least one domestic home match in the relevant season.

b.    To qualify for a European away match ticket in the knock out stage, a member must have attended at least one home and one away domestic match in the relevant season.

c.    To qualify for a European or domestic Semi-Final and/or Final ticket a member must have attended at least one home and one away domestic league match in the relevant season, and attended an earlier round of the relevant cup competition.