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2017/18 Fixtures

City draw Liverpool in the Quarter Finals of the Champions League
Away leg to be played on 4th and home leg the 10th April
Price for home match is 48 per ticket - tickets available

Away tickets sold out

Members not attending a previous round up to and including the quarter final will not be eligible to apply for a Semi Final or Final ticket should we progress

The run up to a possible title win:

Saturday 31st March v Everton (A) Sold out

 Saturday 7th April v MUFC (H) Sold out
Saturday 14th April v Spurs (A) Sold out

Sunday 22nd April v Swansea (H) Available
Sunday 29th April v West Ham (A) Sold out
Saturday 5th May v Huddersfield (H) Sold out
Sunday 13th May v Southampton (A) Sold out

To be re-arranged v Brighton (H) Available
  9 points required from 24 to guarantee we win the Premier League
Win the next two matches and we will win the title versus United

Members who have applied for tickets are NOT guaranteed those tickets
All tickets ordered must be paid for immediately, including and up to Southampton away
See the tickets page for prices
City have warned us that allocations for home and away games will be extremely limited

We will satisfy ticket requests where we can
The loyalty league will apply where appropriate
Please remember: All tickets we receive via the branch are a massive bonus

Man City v Man United
April 7th at 5:30
Sold out
Jason, Neil D, Neil C, Karl(3), Boo, Tony, Gats(2), Minty, Sefton, Slap, Uli, Caleb, Paul T and Jamie P are hoping to attend

Spurs v Man City
April 14th at 19:45
Sold out
We have been allocated EIGHT tickets after applying for 18
Loyalty league applied and the following members have been allocated a ticket:

Uli, Jason, Tom B, Sefton, Neil C, Tim K, Mike K and Adam
Apologies to the following who missed out:
  Lee, Geoff and Matt, Dan and Richard

Refunds will be sent where applicable

Man City v Swansea
April 22nd at 4:30
Available at 40 each

West Ham v Man City
April 29th at 14:30
Sold out
Sefton, Harry, Paul O, Magoo,  Josh, Otis, Dan, Richard and Slap, Tom B, Tipo and Jarvo are down to attend

Man City v Huddersfield
  May 5th at 3:00 (TBC)
Sold out
Mike K, Paul T (2), Gary, Caleb(2), Tom B, Sefton, Neil C, Neil D, Nick C and Jodie are booked

  Southampton v Man City
  May 13th at 15:00
Sold out
Harry, Paul O, Magoo, Lee C, Matt C, Geoff C, Slap, Uli, Neil C and Neil D, Gary, Caleb, Paul T and Mike K are down to attend


  February winner - Jason wins 50
Number 07
Next draw - 31st March


0 v 3

  League Cup Winners - 2018 - Manchester City
Paul Tucker, Gary and Caleb Gillard, Tom B, Tipo, Minty, Harry, Adam F, Tim K, Mike K, Steve Baker, Chris Baker, Robert Baker, Magoo, Jason, Slap, Neil C, Sean O'Connor, Liam O'Connor, Nick Elms, Jody, Terry the train, Jarvo, Phil, George, Daniel and Richard Jones, Lee, Geoff and Matt Calvert, Uli, Karl and Boo, Sefton, Clive and Pat, Neil D

Wembley 2018
Latest Loyalty League

Frank - our youngest member and the spitting image of his father Tom

Branch Rules

Josh, Mr Magoo, Harry, Chris, Anne-Marie, Otis, Danny and Karl
A great day out

Giddy Bridge - Southampton
Overs, Chelsea, Ali, Jarvo, Danny, Karl and Paul at the Giddy Bridge in Southampton prior to our 0-3 victory at St Mary's


See the Rules page to see the increased loyalty award points available a. Attend the AGM - 20 points
b. Attend a home game - 20 points
c. Attend an away game outside of London
- 20 points
d. Attend an away game within London - 15 points
e. Purchase a Club 49 bonus ball - 15 points
f. Attend a UEFA home game - 25 points
g. Attend a UEFA away game - 40 points.
h. Attend an EGM - 20 points
i.  Attend summer outing - 20 points
Buy a bonus ball ticket package - 100 extra loyalty points
Purchase a season ticket - 200 points (no points awarded for attending home games)
Purchase your own Cityzen card - 50 points

Tickets available:

See Tickets Page

Annual Financial Report
June 1st 2016 to to May 31st 2017
Headline = 119.75 Operating loss

2016-2017 Financial Report

  Revised Rules for 2015/2016
Includes boosted points system - enables new members to get high in the loyalty league

Rule clarification: We need to make a rule clearer for our members - When you pay your membership, that does not mean you will have your Citycard renewed.  If you wish to have your Citycard renewed we have introduced a system where you can guarantee you will get your Citycard renewed by paying an extra 5

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