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Premier League Opposition for the 2018 - 2019 season:

CherriesBHABurnley Rags Watford

Away to Chelsea
  Chelsea v Manchester City
  Saturday 8th December - 32 per ticket
Four tickets allocated to:
1. Jason(3), 2. Minty(6), 3. Sefton(7) 4. Neil C(10)

Waiting list:
Nick Elms(30), Dan Jones(33), Richard Jones(34), Jodie Elms(44), Emma(99)

Home to Everton
  Manchester City v Everton
  Saturday 15th December - 42 per ticket
Orders received from:
Tom and Sefton, Mike Knight(2)

Home to Palace
  Manchester City v Crystal Palace
  Saturday 22nd December - 32 per ticket
Orders received from:
Jason and Emma

Away to Leicester
Leicester v Manchester City
 Wednesday 26th December - 32 per ticket
Orders received from:
  Karl (6)

Home to Liverpool
  Manchester City v Liverpool
  Thursday 3rd January - 52 per ticket
Orders received from:
No orders received

Home to Wolves
  Manchester City v Wolves
  Saturday 12th January - 42 per ticket
Orders received from:

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